CTP Third Party Injuries

CTP Third Party Injuries

Are you suffering from pain after a motor vehicle accident?

The first thing to do is to see your treating doctor at your earliest convenience. Some injuries may manifest themselves instantly after the impact, however this is not always the case. Whiplash type injuries often take a while to present to an individual, as the body goes into overprotection drive as a safety measure after a traumatic incident. Your body then starts repairing itself after the event, and it is at this stage that the pain and other symptoms can really present itself.

Recent studies now demonstrate that early intervention and physiotherapy exercises relating to physiotherapy treatment results in a much faster and more complete recovery. Manual techniques are utilised to restore normal movement and relax the muscles and mind, and are coupled with physiotherapy exercises to regain normal strength.

Let PhysioFIXX’s experienced team of health professionals prevent your world ‘crashing’ down on you by getting you back on to the road to recovery as quickly as possible at our holistic physiotherapy centre.

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