Exercise Programs

Exercise Programs

Any kind of pain will always affect another area of your body, and the old “knee bone is connected to the thigh bone” saying is reflective of this. It is for this reason that we do an integrated exercise program encompassing a bio-psychosocial rehabilitation approach.

Our focus is on functionality which encourages both safe return to activity and long-term healing and conditioning.

The aims of our exercise programs include:


  • Improving endurance and overall fitness levels for work or play through exercise rehabilitation and other activities.
  • Strengthen and develop key muscles needed for optimum performance
  • Correct muscle imbalance that may adversely impact gait
  • Improve postural imbalance that may later cause pain
  • Provide stretching exercises to increase range-of-motion and flexibility
  • Assist in toning and firming muscles for better appearance
  • Design environments that are ergonomically safe
  • Provide you with the tools to help you get the most out of your life
  • Decrease pain and stiffness in arthritis sufferers
  • Re-educate muscles and improve function in neurologically-impaired patient


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