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Suffering from LOW BACK PAIN? This may be why…….

The Healthy Back
-There is local muscle activation which provides stiffness between each individual vertebrae (stabilisation) which acts as a stress and strain protector
-There is co-contraction of transverse abdominis and multifidus (deep core muscles at the front and back of the body)
-Local muscle units have a low activation threshold ie not much force produced, but remain contracted for a long time
-This is followed by global muscle contraction ie when higher loads are applied the global muscles need to be activated to further support the spine


The Injured Back
-With an injury to the lower back there is no separate control of the vertebrae
-The local muscles switch off (mainly multifidus) and this means that there are overactive global muscles
-the torso becomes rigid to try and support the spine which leads to increased muscle spasms
-At the site of the injury there is poor segmental stiffness

-soft tissue therapy/deep tissue release at the site of overactive global muscles to reduce spasms
-Removal of trigger points
-Spinal mobilisations to decrease spinal stiffness
-Correct associated abnormalities of muscle weakness and soft tissue tightness
– Deep core and pelvic stability exercises

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