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Neck Pain Caused by a Mouse!

In this day and age more and more of the workforce are engaged in employment using a computer for the majority of their working day.

Unfortunately, our bodies were originally designed for greater athletic pursuits such as chasing down a mountain goat for a rare steak and not hours of sitting at a PC terminal all day! It is these prolonged positions that cause postural problems around the neck and shoulder region.
Symptoms of muscle tension over the upper shoulder and neck, headaches and even arm pain are often produced.

This can often be caused by the muscle deep in your chest becoming very tight,, particularly on the arm we use to control our computer mouse. When this deep chest muscle shortens it rolls the shoulder forward placing excessive pressure on the upper shoulder and neck. This can then create all sorts of problems with the mechanics of the neck and shoulder.

Performing some simple stretches for the chest muscle and strengthening the muscles around the shoulder blade will help reposition the posture of the neck and shoulder and also improve the endurance of this area so it can cope better with the hours of data entry required to meet those work deadlines!